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Members[edit | edit source]

There are currently 12 Classes in the Game, each with its own skills and bonuses:

Party Member Skill Skill Cost Skill Unlock Prerequisites Effect
Soda Junkie Twitchy Static Soda Junkie Relic 20% chance to evade.
Ruffian Dagger Toss 1MP Ruffian Relic Hits 3 random targets.
Conscript Lethal Tactic Static Conscript Relic +50% crit damage.
Fighter Dropkick 2MP None Attack power x2 to target.
Pilediver 10MP Fighter Relic Attack power x3 to target.
Conjurer Magic Adept Static None +50% boost to magic attacks.
Bolt Storm 3MP None Damages entire group.
Divination Static Conjurer Relic +10% essence chance.
Healer Magic Adept Static None +50% boost to magic attacks.
Therapy 2MP None Target heals all HP, status effects.
Group Heal 4MP None Group heals HP.
Refresh 5MP Healer Relic Group heals HP, status effects.
Thief Sharp eye Static None 20% chance of better items.
Greedy Static None Open all chests in a treasure room.
Pilfer 2MP None Steals something from target.
Crit Master Static Thief Relic +15% crit chance. +15% crit damage.
Knight Leader Static None Party cannot be ambushed or trapped.
Noble Static None Attempts to defend weak teammates.
Heavenstrike 3MP None Hits 1 target plus splash damage.
Smite 6MP Knight Relic Damage and burn a group.
Merchant Wealthy Static None +20% Gold earned.
50/50 500 Gold None 50% Chance to remove 1/2 of target's HP.
Affluence 1000 Gold Merchant Relic Damages entire group.
Darkmage Magic Master Static None +80% boost to magic attacks.
Noxin 4MP None Damage all foes with a chance to poison and confuse.
Necroblast 8MP Darkmage Relic High magic damage to target.
Ragezerker Unruly Static None Won't listen to your commands.
Roar Static None Boost random teammate ATK on first turn.
Rage Static None +.5 ATK for each enemy defeated.
Shifter None None None Can learn any ability from other characters.

Premium Members[edit | edit source]

There are currently 4 special Classes in the Game, that can be unlocked with real money or Mystic Caps:

Party Member (Cost) Skill Skill Cost Skill Unlock Prerequisites Effect
(50 Icon cap.png)
Eviscerate 10MP None High magic damage to group.
Debilitate 5MP None Reduce group ATK power.
Precognition Static None Alt paths warp you up to 2x as far.
Sage Static None +90% boost to magic attacks.
(100 Icon cap.png)
Divine Ichor Static None Protect 3 teammates from defeat.
Closing Time 6MP None High damage to group.
Torpor Tonic 5MP None Puts target to sleep.
(25 Icon cap.png)
Lorarius Static None Teammate atks may count as back atks.
Brash Static None High base ATK that lowers over time(-0.5/turn).
Branding Static None Teammate kills raise own ATK(+0.25/kill).
(50 Icon cap.png)
Hardy Static None Immune to status effects.
Focus 6MP None Next strike is 2.2x stronger. Stacks.
Remnants 5MP None Tosses random items with misc effects.

Lineup[edit | edit source]

You can hire up to 5 Patrons into your Party. It is used to explore the Dungeon for Equipment, Gold and later also Essence.

3 of your 5 Party Members stay on the left side in front of the monsters while 2 of your Party Members stay behind them. The flanking Patrons gain a 50% bonus Damage to physical Attacks.

Recommended Party Builds[edit | edit source]

You can hire up to 5 Patrons into your Party. Different party makeup's work better for different situations, especially early game beginning dimensions, vs endgame warrior dimension.

Early Game : Healer-Knight-Thief-Thief-Thief or Healer-Healer-Knight-Knight-Thief. - Provides multiple-chest loot bonuses and safe passages, with healer for sustainability. Healers at beginning of the order ensures they will heal on short fights

Mid-Late game normal Dimensions : Knight-Healer-Thief combinations eventually moving toward removal of healer as self sustainability rises

Mid-game Warrior Dimension : Darkmage-Darkmage-Darkmage-Thief-Knight : Dark Mage attacks scale incredibly well and will quickly leave physical attacks lacking. Thief and Knight for multiple-loot and safe passages.

Late Game Warrior Dimension : Addition of Wizard and/or Shifters to replace others.

Awesome party Warrior Dimension : Shifter (Ragezerker/Thief) - Shifter (Ragezerker/Knight) - Darkmage - Darkmage - Darkmage or Shifter (Thief/merchant). Start from 1 lvl, attack the darkmages will increase with every level and the party will be oneshot all at once.

Death[edit | edit source]

When all of your Party Members flee, your Dungeon exploring ends. After that you will see the Loot Screen showing which Items you've found, how much Gold and Essence you farmed and how many Monsters you've killed during your exploration. Once every 2 hours, you will have the option to revive your patrons by watching an Ad (mobile only, limit 1 per Dungeon exploration).