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Currencies[edit | edit source]

Gold Icon gold.png[edit | edit source]

Gold is the main Currency in Soda Dungeon. It is used for buying Upgrades in the Tavern- and VIP-Store, new Sodas and can be exchanged with a ratio of 5k Gold to 1 Essence (after the Magic Well is purchased). Gold can be earned by killing Monsters, opening Chests after Boss Battles or by selling equipment at the Armory. It is split into nine different Icons:

  • 1 Gold = Bigmoney1.png
  • 5 Gold = Bigmoney5.png
  • 10 Gold = Bigmoney10.png
  • 20 Gold = Bigmoney20.png
  • 50 Gold = Bigmoney50.png
  • 100 Gold = Bigmoney100.png
  • 250 Gold = Bigmoney250.png
  • 500 Gold = Bigmoney500.png
  • 1000 Gold = Bigmoney1000.png

Completing the 3v3 tournament at a specific Difficulty rewards a small amount of Gold

  • Level 1: 1000 Gold
  • Level 2: 2000 Gold
  • Level 3: 3000 Gold
  • Level 4: 5000 Gold

Essence Icon essence.png[edit | edit source]

Essence is the second most common currency in the game. It is used to upgrade Relics. Essence can be acquired through killing enemies with a glowing purple aura, by exchanging Gold in the Magic Well,or by completing the 3v3 tournament at a specific Difficulty:

  • Level 5: 15 Essence
  • Level 6: 30 Essence
  • Level 7: 45 Essence
  • Level 8: 60 Essence
  • Level 9: 1 Relic Token
  • Magic Well: 5000 Gold x Essence

Essence cost increase with relic level by the equation: relic level ^ 1.3

Relic Token Icon token.png[edit | edit source]

Relic Tokens can be acquired by completing the 3v3 tournament at Difficulty 9. They can be spent to level up a Relic by one without spending Essence.

Mystic Caps Icon cap.png[edit | edit source]

Mystic Caps can be acquired by reaching the Gold Cap, which is 1.5 Billion. The Gold will be automatically converted into one Mystic Cap (this can be switched off at the Wizard and doesn't activate until after leaving the dungeon when the cap is first reached).

Mystic Caps can be used to upgrade Relics +10 and +100. The cost of this is dependent on the relic level, and upgrading relics with caps is always less efficient than with gold (via converting gold to essence). However, at high levels caps are better than gold since with gold you have to leave the dungeon every time you reach 1,5 Billion.

Mystic Caps can also be used to purchase the premium characters: Wizard, Gladiator, Shopkeeper and Owner, as well as more relics in the final dimension via. the portal.

Item Bags[edit | edit source]

Item Bags show that an Item dropped, the color of the Bag indicates what rarity the Item is :

  • Loot item.png= normal Item
  • Loot item rare.png= rare Item
  • Loot item legendary.png= legendary Item
  • (no image here)= mythic item